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GCSE History Medicine Throughout time
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History (medicine through time)

Prehistoric medicine

Who treated the sick?
The medicine man and people themselves

How did they treat the sick?
They treated the sick by eating herbs and honey or putting charms and reading prayers to
the gods or if…

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GCSE History Medicine Throughout time
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Fine and delicate stone tools found, shows surgery was feasible. Evidence on

Ethoarchaeology and anthropology (looking at other societies)
Outsiders visiting prehistoric societies can produce written records of what they see.

Attitudes and practices of modern aboriginals have therefore been used…

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GCSE History Medicine Throughout time
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Rainbow serpent

Created the planet

Mountains (Lakes, rivers, trees, deserts etc)

Left behind his spirit in each new creation

Man has to ask permission from the spirit world to nature


River Nile and Farming
Egyptian farmers depended on the River Nile.…

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GCSE History Medicine Throughout time
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Chance The discovery of penicillin in modern times

Spiritual causes and cures
o Just like prehistoric people they believed disease were caused by evil spirit and
wore charm to keep evil spirits away
o Egyptians followed a book which had a listen…

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GCSE History Medicine Throughout time
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They used leaves and bark of trees to cover up wounds, willow is a antiseptic and
help the wound going bad which means they probably survived the operations

Keep clean
Egyptians washed every day and priest washed even more often this had…

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GCSE History Medicine Throughout time
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Greek medicine was based on four humours and one doctor in particular wrote
books about medicine which was Hippocrates
Other sorts of medicines was supernatural medicine, this was to do with spirits and the god
Asclepius. This sort of medicine was popular…

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GCSE History Medicine Throughout time
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Philosophers tried to explain stuff rationally

Greek philosophers sough to find rational explanation. They attracted bands of followers
such as the brotherhood of Pythagoras. The follower became devotees and argued with
other philosophers. Religion was interwoven with their logic

Thales of Miletus…

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GCSE History Medicine Throughout time
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Roman Empire

Empire capital was the city of Rome
The emperor was the ruler. He was advised by the senatesenator were the richest
and most important citizens
Emperor needed to keep the roman citizens happy so they often used `games' for…

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GCSE History Medicine Throughout time
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Strong belief in gods
Create the empire
World largest military machine
Roman forts had ­bath
Fresh water
Army never built near swaps/marshes knew about risk of disease

Roman engineer always
Makes sure that all building are away from the marsh…

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GCSE History Medicine Throughout time
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New idea 1: the treatment of opposite
Developed the theory on the four humours, we must use opposite to balance of the four
humours and treat illness e.g. a man has a cold and is coughing up phlegm, we must treat him…


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