Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison (AS Music - Edexcel)

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Tupelo Honey - 1971

  • Vocal set work
  • Soul & Folk influenced
  • Unusually long (many codas and repeats)
  • Improvised gentle fills
  • Not strictly following rhythm & lyrics

Genres & Features

- Skiffle
- Folk
- Blues
- Jazz
- Ballad, from country music


  • Improvisatory Manner
  • Add-libs (Vocal Ornaments)
  • Slight Alterations in Rhythm, Lyrics, and Melody to keep variety and interest the audience
  • Melodic variations in vocals
  • Free
  • Dictated more by the lyrics than the melody line
  • Mostly Syllabic, with melismatic sections
  • Based on a 5-note Bb pentatonic scale (Bb,C,D,F,G)
  • 3 note motif/riff used, melodies based primarily around D,F,G. For example the "You can take" (from "you can take all the tea in china") uses D,F,G.
  • Song is on the high end of the male vocal range
  • Bb is the highest note, creates climactic point (yes it is CLIMACTIC; Climatic is to do with weather and climate, I looked it up. LOL)

Rhythm & Metre

  • 4/4
  • Slow ballad (slow pace) allows plenty of room for improvisation and soulful decoration.
  • Rhythmic Layering between parts (e.g.


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