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Set Work: Musical Era: Year of Composer Nationality: Composer's Performance Additional Points:
Composition: : Dates: circumstance:

`Sing We Renaissance 1598 Thomas English 1576-1623 To be sung at home around A madrigal is the musical
at Weelkes the dinner table. setting of a poem.
Mov. 4 Baroque 1689 (and published…

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Symphony Boston Symphony
of Psalms Orchestra.

`Honey 20th century 1955 (date of Carl American 1932-1998 Recorded. Carl recorded `Honey
Don't' recording) Perkins Don't' with his brothers
and W.S. Holland.

`A Day in 20th century 1967 (date of the John English 1940-1980 (John Recorded. `Sergeant
the Life' album: `Sergeant Lennon and…


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