Context of AS Music Set Works

A brief overview of the context of the AS Music Set Works.

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Set Work: Musical Era: Year of Composer Nationality: Composer's Performance Additional Points:
Composition: : Dates: circumstance:
`Sing We Renaissance 1598 Thomas English 1576-1623 To be sung at home around A madrigal is the musical
at Weelkes the dinner table. setting of a poem.
Mov. 4 Baroque 1689 (and published Arcangelo Italian 1653-1713 Written for performance in Corelli was not a very
from Trio the same year) Corelli church (from a collection of prolific composer, and only
Sonata in D `Sonata da Chiesa'). ever wrote for
Major instruments.
`My Classical 1794 (date of Joseph Austrian 1732-1809 It was expected of `ladies of The real title of this piece
Mother publication) Haydn fashion' during Haydn's time is `A Pastoral Song' (from
Bids Me to sing this kind of song `Six Original
Bind My whilst playing the piano. Canzonettas')
Mov. 1 Late Classical 1799 (and first Ludwig German 1770-1827 To be performed in concert. Septet in Eb had unusual
from performed a year Van instrumentation in its time.
Septet in later) Beethoven
Eb Major
Mov. 3 Romantic 1834 (date of Hector French 1803-1869 To be performed in concert The title of this movement
from completion) Berlioz (commissioned by Paganini). is `The Serenade of a
Harold in Mountaineer of the
Italy Abbruzes to his Mistress.'
Kinderscen Romantic 1838 Robert German 1810-1856 To be played by an adult as Kinderscenen were very
en No.s Schumann part of a 13-piece collection popular when they first
1,3, and (Kinderscenen). came out.
Mov. 3 20th century 1930 Igor Russian 1882-1971 To be performed in concert. Commissioned by Serge
from Stravinsky Koussevitzky to celebrate
the 50th anniversary of the

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Symphony Boston Symphony
of Psalms Orchestra.
`Honey 20th century 1955 (date of Carl American 1932-1998 Recorded. Carl recorded `Honey
Don't' recording) Perkins Don't' with his brothers
and W.S. Holland.
`A Day in 20th century 1967 (date of the John English 1940-1980 (John Recorded. `Sergeant
the Life' album: `Sergeant Lennon and Lennon) Pepper's Lonely Hearts
Pepper's Lonely Paul 1942-present Club Band' was a concept
Hearts Club Band') McCartney (Paul McCartney) album.…read more


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