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Dowland's 'Flow My Tears'

- This set work was written in the 1590s, although the precise date is not specified. 

- This set work is in A minor and it rarely uses chromaticism. 

- This set work follows a Pavane structure (AABBCC). Before this, the set work was known as "Lacremae Pavane"

- This set work's instrumental is minimal, using only Voice, Lute and Bass Viol. Yet, the Bass Viol could be exchanged with a Tenor or Baratone Voice. 

- The set work also conforms to features of Renaissance music, the use of imitation being vital. 

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Berio's 'Sequenza III For Female Voice'

- This set work was composed in 1966.

- This set work is A Tonal, meaning that there is no tonal centre. 

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