Triune God


The use of music in worship:

  • The Cathgolic Church teaches that music can praise God.
  • As it unites people and helps them feel more involved in worship.

Music in Liturugy:

  • Music is used to sing parts of the liturugy.
  • This helps enliven the litugury and make people more involved in it.
  • Types of Music used in the Catholic liturgy include psalms, plainchant, traditional hyumns, contempory worship, and mass settings.

Acclamations used in the Mass:

  • Certain parts in the Mass which highlight the praise and celebration of God are called acclamations.
  • The Gloria, Alleluia, Sanctus and Mystery of Faith help to praise God in diffrent ways.

The Triune God explained in the Bible:

  • Christians believe there is one God who is also three Persons, so is called the Triune God.
  • The three persons are the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit which is also known as the Trinity.

The Trinity in the Nicine Creed and Genesis 1:

  • The Nicine Creed is a statemenr of faith about what Catholics believe, which explains the nature of the Trinity and how the three persons relate to eachother.
  • Gensis 1: 1-3 shows how…


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