Treaty of Versailles notes

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Treaty of Versailles

Aims of the 'Big Three':

  • David Lloyd George - Harsh because public wanted it - Keep Germany strong enough for trade - Get rid of navy
  • George Clemenceau - Destroy Germany to prevent attack - Alsace Lorraine back - Rhineland extended into its border - Germany split into smaller states
  • Woodrow Wilson - 14 points - disarmament - self determination - free access to seas - league of nations

What was in the treaty of Versailles?

G uilt for the War

A rmed forces reduced (only 100,000 men in army, 6 battle ships)

R eperations (£6.6 Billion)

G erman Territories taken away (Togo land, Cameroon, parts of Africa)

LE ague of nation (not allowed to join)

How satisfied were the leaders at the treaty?


Happy with:

  • Alsace Lorraine returned to France
  • Reperations
  • Germant lost its territory
  • Accept full blame for the war
  • German army and navy extremely reduced

Unhappy with:

  • The Rhineland being demiliterised, they wanted to extend border instead
  • Germany…


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