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Hitler outlined his aims in foreign policy
in his book, Mein Kampf
His main aim was to overturn the unjust
of the treaty of Versailles
Hitler called the German politicians who
had signed this treaty, the November
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Hitler wanted to join with Austria and unite all
German speaking people under his rule.
To do this he would have to build up his armed
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Hitler's foreign policy
In the East, Hitler wanted to gain Lebensraum for
the German people.
Lebensraum meaning "Living space" - Adequate space in
which to live, develop, or function.
As a fascist, Hitler HATED communism and
hoped to expand his lands at the expense of the
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In the Treaty of Versailles, the Saar coalfields had been
placed under the control of The League of Nations for 15
years, when there was to be a plebiscite.
Plebiscite meaning: A direct vote in which the entire electorate is
invited to accept or refuse a proposal
The plebiscite was held in 1935 and about 90% of the
people voted to return to German Rule.
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