The Treaty of Versailles part 1 summary notes

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The Treaty of Versailles ( part 2 card)


Germany had to accept the guilt clause and to pay reparations; clause 231

Germany did try to repay when could and paid back £6,600 million;

1922 couldn't pay but they did not refuse to pay;

Aliens reduced the reparations but in 1933 Hitler refused to pay

The big 3:

France : George Clemenceau; (wanted revenge, reparations and stop another attack from Germany);

USA: Woodrow Wilson; (peace and fair treaty 14 points);

England: Lloyd George( wanted trade, no communism, fairness, reason and people were unforgiving;

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The Treaty of Versailles summary notes ( part 1)

Armistice day 11.11.1918 with Treaty signed 20.6.1919

Signed between Germany & Allies (big 3. Britain/France/USA)

Total deaths in WW1: 8.5 million and 21 million wounded

Victors of WW1 were in no mood to be charitable to Germany and held them responsible for.

Territorial: land handed over to Poland, France, Belgium, Denmark, Russia; League of Nations took Germany colonies;

Military: Germany's army had to reduce to 100,000 men; Navy to 6 battleships and no submarines; no airforce Western Germany demilitarised; Germany forbidden to unite with Austria.

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