topic 4 realist theories

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  • Right realism
  • street criem has become a massive problem in the views of the right realis and the leande james willson argues
  • its a massive problem in usa and the uk
  • they need to come up with a policy to reduce street crime and this is known as the zero tolerance policy
  • they are like the neo conservatives and in their opinion nothing works theories were made but not of the solutions made reduced the crime rates
  • in their view we need practically tackle crime rathther than being sympathetic and blaming crime on labbeling and s0ociety we should takel the crime
  • thety look at the criminal rather than the crime
  • they do offer explanations howere about the cause of crime
  • but they dont want to rehabilitate and tery and understand the offerndor

biological differences

  • its the biological structure that causes people to commit criem such as their personality trait and a mix of social factor that cuse them
  • such as agresstion, risk taking personalitis are more likely to offend as well as that
  • murry and charls would argue that it is also the case of low inteligance which is also a cuase for crime

socilisation and underclass

  • soclialsation decreases the risk of crime such as havin a nulear family loearnnig social control and intenalisising moral values
  • for charles murry its the new rabble that is a cause of deviancy this is the deviant woriking class soclalising ther childern the wrong way
  •  A problem with the working class is that it is increasing by the year in the USA and the UK every day
  • luckly ibn the 1960 the wealdfair state opend and decided to have a generous revolution adding those who neede the money
  • a proble with this was that there was aq decfreas in marriages and an increas in divorce rate people developed a dependancy culture
  • what this meant was their was an increas in line parent and men not going to work
  • howere the benfits were dtill low and also the younger boys growing up woithout a male role modle turned to deliquent boys who could be their role modle
  • this results in deviant behavious
  • so it is the underclass and the faliour to socilalise ther chilren which is the caus of crime as well as the  dependancy on the state

Rational choice theory

  • this is the rational formulation one makes befor commiting a criem and it is whether the conciquence of the crime will be higher than the crime itself and this idea was brought about by ron clarke
  • currentley the punishment of the crime is lower than the crime in itself and this means there has been an increase in crime as people know they will be let off easily
  • marcus ferson argues that it is the absence of a guardian which is the cause of crime such as the absence of a p[olice officer
  • police officers are more likely to deter people from commiting crimes
  • he also argues that informal guradians are more likely to…


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