To Kill a MockingBird revision notes

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The Black Community  

  • Black community is considered as inferior
  • White people's opinions overrule black peopls's opinions
  • Atticus is critisised for defending Tom Robinson despite the obvious injustice and his innocence
  • "******" term common term
  • Protected by Atticus
  • The heirarchy of black community/ Dolphus Raymond/ the Ewells/ Maycomb families
  • The black community stands as Atticus passes them by at the trail- shows the amount of respect for Atticus


  • Calpurnia is key a key brigde between the white and black community in the novel
  • pg 241- "I want to borrow Cal for a while"
  •  Isnt a servant, she's part of the Finch Family 
  • Scout and Jem taught not to be racist from early age becasue of Calpurnia- Dont know why people are racist
  • Introduced as a person rather than a colour 
  • Acts differently around white people than black people- accent changes  

Dolphus Raymond

  • Rejected by both white and black communites
  • Pretends to drink alcohol to satifiy people seriotypical judgement
  • pg166- " why is he sitting with the coloured folks "
  • Married to a black womman- outcast of the white community
  • Children dont belong in white community or black community in either communities eyes - mixed race


  • Black man who works as Maycomb's binman
  • Sent to collect Tim Johnsons body- lack of respect in the white community in black community - shows black people are seen smaller than even a dieased dog
  • Cal's son
  • Read's hynms in Church- quite high up in black society 

Black Church

  • Lula May- " why you bringing white chullin to ****** church"- shows black community were prejudiced aginst the white community although not as much as the white community
  • Reverend Sykes- black church leader- considerate and respct for Finches- looks after Children at trail and stick up for them at black…


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