Chapter 25 to kill a mockingbird summary and analysis

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To kill a mocking bird
analysis and summary
Chapter 25
It is now September, and Jem and Scout are about to go to sleep on their cots on the back
porch. Scout sees a rolypoly bug and goes to kill it. Jem stops her, saying the bug never did
anything to harm her. Scout heeds his request and carefully takes the bug outside, noting
internally that if anything, Jem is becoming more like a lady than she is. As she returns to her
cot, she thinks of Dill and remembers his story of the day Tom Robinson died in late
Atticus and Calpurnia were driving out to see Tom's wife when they spotted Jem
and Dill on their way back from swimming. Jem and Dill ask for a ride, and although
hesitant at first, Atticus finally agrees to let them come along. Apparently, when
Tom's wife saw Atticus and Calpurnia, she seemed to faint, falling to the ground in
a heap. Tom's death was only news in Maycomb for two days, and was regarded
as "typical," since prevailing opinion was that black men tend to run away without
any plan.
Scout reflects that "in the secret courts of men's hearts," nothing Atticus could
have said could have freed Tom. Upon hearing the news, Mr. Ewell is rumored to
have said, "one down and about two more to go," and Scout is afraid for Atticus.
Jem confidently tells Scout that Mr. Ewell won't really take any action on his


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