Chapter 29 to kill a mockingbird summary and analysis

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To kill a mocking bird
analysis and summary
Chapter 29
Scout tells the story of what happened outside to Atticus, the sheriff, and
everyone else assembled. Mr. Tate notes the mark that Mr. Ewell's knife made in
Scout's costume, and points out that Mr. Ewell meant to seriously harm or kill the
children. When Scout points out the man who carried Jem, she finally takes a good
look at him. He is very, very pale, with thin cheeks and feathery hair, and seems
somewhat tense and nervous. She suddenly recognizes him as Boo Radley and,
moved to tears, says "Hey, Boo."
In Chapter 29, with the description of his hair as "feathery," Boo is immediately
identified with the "mockingbird," especially with his slight appearance and fluttery
hand movements. He has finally become a real person, completing the progression
from monster to human; meanwhile, Mr. Ewell's evilness has turned him into a
human monster, whose bristling facial stubble felt by Scout suggests an animal-like
appearance. When Scout addresses Boo directly, she makes her final step into the
beginnings of maturity, leaving her childhood imaginary tales behind. As a mature
young girl, she recognizes Boo as a real person, and treats him as such.


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