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Background and context- 1930's America

Slavery wasn't abolished in America until 1865 and by then the idea that black people were inferior was the
norm in many places.
Even after the abolition of slavery, attitudes towards black people took a long time to change. In Maycomb,
black people…

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How does Harper Lee present the town of Maycomb in the novel?

Harper Lee bases Maycomb on the town of Monroeville in Alabama where she grew up. Maycomb is
portrayed as any town in America would have been in the 1930, the era in which the novel is set. Life…

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Scouts a tomboy- she spends most of her time playing with bys, hates wearing dresses and isn't afraid to get
into fights.
Scout doesn't just accept things- she's inquisitive and questions how people behave. For example, she
doesn't understand why Aunt Alexandra tells her not to say certain thing in…

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Atticus also extends this lack of prejudice to Mayella Ewell who he treats as he would any other Maycomb
county lady; although she just believes he is mocking her, even though Scout and many others believe she is
pathetic and friendless.
He's very unprejudiced and completely against racism- "Why reasonable…

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Scout starts to notice Jems maturity in chapter 6. She says "it was then, I suppose, that Jem and I first began
to Part Company"
Jem "broke the remaining code of our childhood" by telling Atticus about dill running away from home- he's
trying to be responsible.
He explains thing…

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Unlike Atticus and Uncle Jack, Aunt Alexandra hasn't moved away from Finches landing this suggests she's not
as open minded as her brothers. She's the most conservative and prejudiced of the finches.
She's proud of her family and the background. She tried hard t make Scout and Jem understand the…

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Everyone seems to have an opinion about the elder Mr.Radley. Miss Stephanie Crawford describes him as an
upright and God fearing man, but calpurnia says he's "the meanest man ever god blew breath into"
The Radley house is seen as frightening and mysterious. People avoid walking past it at night…

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He can be very innocent and childlike- he wants to marry scout and "get" a baby. Dills innocence and desire to
have a baby shows how much he wants to be part of a secure, loving family.

He runs away from things that make him unhappy

Dill doesn't feel loved…

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She also teaches the children manners- she's furious with scout when she criticises Walter Cunningham's table
She isn't afraid to tell the children off- when she finds them in the courthouse she tells them they should be
"shamed of" them for being at the trial.
Atticus trusts Cal completely.…

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Scout describes Burris Ewell as the "filthiest human" she has ever seen

Mayella Ewell has a hard life

Mayella is the oldest of the Ewell children and has to take care of her younger siblings because their mothers
ir dead. She hasn't got any friends and doesn't even really know…




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