Timeline of COLD WAR: Post-War but Pre-Stalin’s death

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Timeline of COLD WAR – Post-War but Pre-Stalin’s death


February: The Long telegram: an 8000 word report written by George Kennan from Riga, Latvia. It informed America on soviet plans – Russia were not trusted.


March: The Iron curtain speech by Winston Churchill, he was alarmed by the spreading of communism in Europe and felt it was causing a divide between Russia and Europe. Truman support the speech, however was isolationist and therefore was reluctant to get involved with other countries affairs. Truman was, in a way, testing the water in America to see how they would react. After the speech was given, Stalin described Churchill as Hitler.


March (1946–49) The Greek Civil War, between the Greek gov and Greek communist rebels. America was extremely worried Russia would turn it communist. Britain were 3 Million in debt and warned America they couldn’t afford to send troops.



By December every state in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Berlin, Hungary and Poland, NOT Czechoslovakia) was controlled by a communist government. Elections were manipulate to ensure communists were in power.

March: Marshall Aid, introduced to provide support to war-devastated Europe (17 Billion Dollars) Churchill thought that Truman was incredibly selfless to do this. However without money in other countries America would have no market. As well as this, Marshall Aid would ensure some


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