Theories of Human Radiation-Out of Africa Theory and Mulitregional theory

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Out of Africa 2 theory

  • This is the theory that about 1.8 million years ago there were Homo erectus in Africa and that they developed via evolution into Homo sapiens at about 50,000years ago before they then moved into the other continents in the world.
  • They believe that after the Homo sapiens had left Africa they became reproductively isolated, therefore evolving further separately.
  • They believe that Homo sapiens come from one geographical area which is Africa and also includes the Middle East.
  • They believe that there was no interbreeding between other human populations which were replaced by the Homo sapiens. 
  • They see modern human variation as a relatively recent phenomenon. This can also be seen in genetic evidence.
  • There is more variation in Africans than any other populations which suggests that they were the first modern humans as they have had longer time for more genetic variation to take place. 
  • Because there…


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