Fear in Kindertransport



Quote analysis example

Lil: I took you in didn't I! Said I'd look after you! Why'd you throw it back in my face! Walking the streets like some begging little orphan!

Eva: Do not throw me out. Please.

-Eva is begging for Lil to keep her

-Eva is trying to keep herself under control to calm Lil down, by using full stops rather than Lil who is using exclamation marks to show a sense of fear. Juxtaposition.

-Absense of question marks shows rhetorical questions which are more like statements as Lil is trying to control her fears and reinforce to herself that she is a good mother.

-Lil is afraid of seeming like a bad mother to the people around her, by Eva knocking on doors it makes people think Lil isn't looking after Eva properly and it makes Lil look incompetent. Lil cares a lot about how she looks to other people, more worried about her own image than Eva. 

-'Do not' sounds like more of a command than a plea, Eva is scared of being thrown out but knows she couldn't deal with it again so she feels like she has got to command Lil to let her stay.

Eva: The coats too big for me.

Helga: It's to last next winter too.

-Shows that Helga is trying to provide for her daughter even when she knows she's not going to be there

-Shows Helga's fear for Eva's future without her and her fear of losing her daughter forever.

-Helga wants Eva to remember that she always tried her best for Eva and for Eva to remember her mother when things get hard and it gets difficult.

-Also shows Helga and Eva's interdependance, Eva relies on Helga to teach her, help her and provide for her and Helga relies on Eva so she has someone to teach and help so she feels like a mother.  Without Eva, Helga doesn't feel like she is a mother anymore.

Helga: My gold watch is in there


Helga: And in the other heel are two rings, a chain with a star of David and a charm bracelet for you. All made of gold.

-Shoes Helga's fear for losing Eva, she is passing on valuable possessions and family heirlooms.

-The star of David represents Helga passing on the Jewish religion and to remind Eva of her religion even when times


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