Kindertransport - Eva and Evelyn

Just a quick table with details on Eva and Evelyn. 

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Eva and Evelyn in `Kindertransport'.
Eva Evelyn
9 years old when she comes to Lil Very British
Jewish Christian/Faith was baptised
Doesn't receive affection from Helga Gives Faith the choices she didn't have
Very German ­ hides behind it Mid-fifties
Doesn't want to leave her parents but is Panic attacks on trains
excited for the new opportunity
Would do anything for her parents to join Divorced
Likes the story of `Der Rättenfanger' or `The Scared of authority ­ crosses the road when
Ratcatcher' she sees a policeman or traffic warden
Develops panic attacks the second + third Distant from her daughter ­ shows signs of
time she goes on a train pride and some affection
Wants an English passport when she turns OCD ­ proud of her belongings and her
16 ­ naturalisation papers home
Eventually distant from Helga Lil is the only one who truly understands her


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