Kindertransport - Symbolism

Some examples of symbolism withing Kindertransport. 

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Symbolism in `Kindertransport'
1. Mouth organ -
a. Represents music ­ The Ratcatcher tune
b. Eva's last gift ­ a memento
2. Crystal glass ­
a. Wealth
b. Chipped ­ thrown away
i. Everything has to be perfect
ii. Evelyn throws away spoilt, unwanted memories
3. Documentation ­
a. Papers for Eva ­ border guard
b. Permits for her parents ­ jobs and sponsors
c. Naturalisation ­
i. Changes name
ii. Changes date of birth
iii. Changes religion
d. Identity for Eva + Evelyn
4. Rats ­
a. Disease ­ the plague
b. Dirt
c. Associated Jews with rats in Nazi propaganda
5. Star of David ­
a. Forced to wear one
b. Labelled ­ stereotyped by religion
6. Boxes ­
a. Attic
i. Storage ­ toys
ii. Treasures and keepsakes
7. The Ratcatcher ­ The Pied Piper of Hamelin

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Doubling of the characters
i. Book `Der Rättenfanger' ­ pg. 3, pg. 5
ii. Shadow ­ pg. 16
1. Black = bad
2. Whispered, hissed, spat ­ sinister, snake (can't be trusted),
iii. Music ­ pg. 17 ­ `I will take the heart of your happiness away.'
1. Can relate to Helga's child and Eva's childhood.
b. Nazi Border Official ­ pg. 18
c. Organiser ­ pg. 23-25 ­ talks to Eva like a dog
d. Postman -
i. Manner represents Hitler ­ pg.…read more


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