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Kindertransport ­ Planning Answers…read more

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Planning for an exam question.
I like to draw up a rough plan of my exam
answer before I start writing, as this allows
me to clear my head and separate my
You can either write down everything you
know to do with the question or you can
come up with some form of structured
mindmap/ table.
In this example I've drawn up a quick
comparison table. This allows you to mix
around the points you want to use whilst
still being able to tick off everything you've
already included.
It also makes it easier to stay organised,…read more

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In this example we were given the question
"In the opening of the play, how does
Samuels present the theme of mothers
preparing daughters for life without them?
Do you find it effective?"…read more

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Helga + Eva
Packing a suitcase ­ preparing Eva for her new
home in England.
Sewing buttons onto a coat designed to last two winters ­ instilling self-
reliance and independence.
Helga makes Eva leave ­ she doesn't get a choice.
Neatness and order ­ folds dresses neatly ­ this indicates
a need to control unpleasant situations ­ PASSIVE.
Tries to keep up with ordinary routines as though nothing has changed ­ this
prevents Eva from
feeling nervous or as if her life is about to
drastically change.
No obvious emotional attachment to her
daughter ­ only "I'll do more than miss you...I'll write..."
Evelyn + Faith As though Evelyn is
becoming Helga.
Packing glasses etc. for Faith's first flat with her friends.
Doesn't show if she cares whether Faith leaves or stays.…read more




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