Identity in Kindertransport



Quote analysis example

Eva: What's an abyss Mutti?

-Short sentence shows the short relationship between the Helga and Eva and Eva's short time being German and Jewish.

-Ironic, ater this quote Eva's life falls into an abyss as she loses her family, race and religion.

-Questions show that she is still naive and needs someone to help her understand and grow as a person.

-Questions also show Helga and Eva's interdependency.  Helga needs to teach Eva and Eva needs to learn from Helga.  Once Eva is gone, Helga has nobody to teach and pass on traditions to.

Lil: Don't hide behind the German.  It won't protect you and you know it.

-Imperative sentence. Shows that Lil is in charge and she is asserting her dominance over Eva and showing Eva that she has no choice but to listen and obey what Lil says.

-The German is a metaphor for her identity, at this time, German was seen as the enemy of Britain so if Eva continues to use the German language and be German then she will be seen as an enemy to Britain so she needs to change who she is in order to be accepted.

-The use of second person shows that Lil is addressing Eva directly to make her blend in with her own culture.

Faith: You do admit that you were Eva Schlesinger then?

Evelyn: No I didn't...did I?...No...

Evelyn goes blank

-Evelyn is still unsure of who she is and Faith asking her has brought up questions that she still has to ask herself about her identity and who she is before she can explain to Faith.



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