The Ummah

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The Ummah

What is it?

The Ummah= Community of the Faithful; Brotherhood of Islam; Family of Islam.

Muslims believe that all people belong to Allah and all are equal. There is no barrier between all people. The Ummah describes the love and respect of others. It imples the care and responsibility of the motherhood and implies the blessing of God for the community living in harmony.

Who is a member?

A member of the Ummah is a Muslims who has declared and submitted to the will of Allah. It included your local community but also the Worldwide Ummah of Muslims.

How does it influence every day life?

Being part of a worldwide family makes you aware of the extent of the religion and strengthens the faith.

It offers support in times of doubt

All members of the Ummah practise the faith together resulting in a greater awareness of God

It creates a sense of family and brotherhood results in the feeling that someone is there for you-God is always there(Omnipresent)

What does the Qur'an and the Hadith say about the Ummah?

(Surah 57)"We sent our Messengers with the Book and the Balance so that men might uphold justice" = This can


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