Attitudes and Actions from Religion on War.

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  • Attitudes and Actions from Religion to War.
    • Attitude.
      • Christianity.
        • Pacifism.
          • Conscientious Objectors.
            • The Intrinsic Value of Human Life.
              • Genesis:
                • 'God made mankind in his own image.'
    • Attitude.
      • Utilitarianism.
        • Just War Theory.
          • Thomas Aquinas.
            • Free Will.
              • Instrumental Value.
              • Arminianism.
          • eg: Use necessary force.
        • Create evil to prevent a greater evil.
    • Attitude.
      • Buddhism.
        • The world is filled with large amounts of suffering.
          • By taking part in war a person is adding to the suffer people experience.
            • Karma.
            • Enlightenment.
            • Nirvana.
            • Cycle of Rebirth.
    • Attitude.
      • Christianity.
        • According to the Book of Revelations, humans will go to war against God and Christ, joining the anti-Christ.
          • By having war, humans will be less likely to join together to go against God, because of their conflict with one another.
    • Action.
      • Christianity.
        • Christian Aid.
          • Long term relief.
            • Educated places in areas of war the rights of women.
              • Reduction in the number of war crimes against women.
          • Short term relief.
            • Providing food, water and other necessities.
    • Action.
      • Islam.
        • Lesser Jihaad.
          • ISIS.
            • Strengthening the religious identity.
              • Sense of Ummah.
    • Action.
      • Buddhism.
        • 3000 Buddhists in the US Army.
          • Using war as a last resort to prevent larger suffering.
            • Allowing suffering to happen will have an equally bad effect on karma.


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