Mohammed in Medina

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  • Muhammad and Medina- AS Revision
    • No military expeditions without prophet's consent.
    • First Muslim Ummah was set up in Medina
      • First masjid(mosque)was set up in Medina- place of worship- submit to God.
    • Constitution changed- Jews had no rights.
    • He cleaned up the streets of Medina
    • Qiblah was changed to Makkah from Jerusalem.
    • Polygamy was encouraged so that widows remarried and could be protected.
    • Muhajirun had conflict with the Jews over markets.
    • Problems arising
      • The Prophet needed to deal with the problems of Medina and think of  way to unite the ansar and muhajirun.
        • How to convert the whole of Makkah.
    • Muhammad at first regarded the clans as his main supporters.
      • They also believed in one God-monotheism.
    • Jews rejected the prophets and so it was expected that they would reject Muhammad(PBUH)- significant today.
    • Muhammad married daughters of Abu Bakr.
    • Battle of Badr- Medinan clans officially became Muslim.
    • Muhammad led his troops against the Jews- the Jews of Quaynuqa were forced to leave Medina and went to Khaybar. Other Jews had stayed.
    • Muhammad challenged the political structure of Arabia.
    • Blood feuds were given up to the Ummah.
      • Muhammad had established ground rules for the city- some of which is senn in the constitution of Medina.
        • Document also shows that Muhammad was the only leader of the Muhajirun clan.


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