Mind map examining the Ummah and the first Ummah set out in the Constitution of Medina

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  • Ummah
    • Constitution of Medina
      • Set out the basis of the first Ummah and principles which should be adhered to
        • 'To a Jew who follows us belongs help and equality'
        • Jewish and Believers' finances are separate but help each other if attack
        • Muhammad will settle all dispute
        • A Murderer of a beliveer will face other believers who are bound to take action against them
        • 'No women shall be taken under protection without the consent of her family'
      • Written in 622CE it is a Tripartite agreement between emigrants to Medina, Helpers (Ansars) and Jews
        • Agreement between 9 tribes
      • Al Hibri argues there are similarities between the constitution of Medina and the American Constitution
      • Muslims and non-Muslims have equal rights and duties enshrined in Religious autonomy
      • Set up a pluralistic state with Muhammad as its leader
      • Serves a 'dual purpose as a social contract and a constitution' (Muqtedar Khan)
    • Previously had been tribal loyalties - now loyal to Ummah, Qur'an Sunnah and Charter of Medina
      • Modern Ummahs look at Shari'ah and Ijma of 1st Ummah
    • 'The Ummah exists as a global fraternity but the real challenge for British Muslims is to see the Ummah in local realities' (Mona Sididqui)
    • Some Modern Muslims use the concept of the Ummah as an excuse for Jihad and Terrorism - e.g. 9/11 was said to be in response to an attack by America on the Ummah
    • Reflects Tawhid - unity of God and Unity of community
    • Collective duties to care for all
      • Protect women, children and orphans - Sura 4
      • Criminal System is to preserve the Ummah - stop Fasad-fil-ardh (Spreading of mischief in the land)
      • Spread wealth in the Ummah - Zakah
      • Fard Kafiyah - Collective obligations in work - Advance work in Medicine science etc.




You're mind maps are excellent!

Much appreciated.

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