The Parable of the Tenants (Mark's Gospel)

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How the costs of discipleship are shown in the Parable of the Tenants:

- We learn in this passage that a cost of being a follower of Jesus may mean being "killed" for one's faith. As a disciple, one must be prepared to ultimately give their life for the good of others and for one's belief in the teachings of Jesus. Jesus himself was "killed" for spreading his message; as followers we must continue preaching this message and be prepared to die or be "killed" for it.

- Disciples must also prepare to be rejected and mocked by leaders (when Mark wrote this it would have meant the Romans, the Pharisees etc). We are told that individuals were "treated shamefully" in the parable and were "beaten"- followers must be prepared to be mocked and accept this fate.

- Disciples should be prepared to provide the "grapes" of the story- meaning he wants and expects us to do good; the good of God. This should come above everything else that a disciple does, including their needs, wants, family; they must be doing the good of God all of the time!

- As a disciple on will undoubtedly encounter hostility amongst the people and authorities. In order to be a…




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