R.S luke Gosple

These card are on the background of lukes Gosple

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the start of the gosple

Gosple means: Good news

there are four gosples telling the life and work of jesus

before the gosples where writen down they where told by the word of mouth

There are are 3 souces about the Gospel

Marke gosple: luke cleaned up mark gospel and exculed stories- for example in mark said in his gosple that jesus had to heal someone twice that his own family even went against him!

luke could have copied mark improved bad gramma e.t.c

because of mark luke has acsess to marks main sources

Q-  stands for quelle--German source  people dont know how accurate Q is....

L- LUKE sources--- dose not appear in any other other gosples

One third of the gosple is Luke e.g the call of the disples the sinfull woman, Martha mary the window of nain and all the PARABLES!!!

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Who was luke

people think Luke could have been a artist

He is a good friend of ST PAUL

Luke dedicated his gospel to theophilus-----means lover of god---not a Greek name---suggest it was written for the gentiles 

tittle of roman official

he writes the whole gospel like a Native and its in Greek not for the Jews other wise it  would be in the Jews language

this suggest he was a gentile--- Luke had a the idea that god had a plan for everyone

NO Hebew names are given in any of the 

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Who was Jesus...

according to Luke's --Jesus was the sun of Mary and joseph 

there are many unusual aspect about Jesus birth 

elizabeth after being Baron gave birth to john the baptist

Mary was told by Gabriel that she would give birth to the sun of the most high

angles told shepherds that a Savior was being born 

RECAP vocab---/saviour/ Christians believe that in his life and death Jesus would set people free from evil and sin 

Authority of jesus 

after jesus came back from the deshurt he went to the temple to preach --- here is the parable 

jesus went to Nazareth  beacuse it was the SABBATH day! 

he went to the 

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