Parable of the tenants


Parable of the tenants

Describe the story

Jesus tells a story about a man (God) who had a vineyard. He rented it out to tenants (Pharisees, Scribes, Jewish leaders and people). He sends a number of slaves (prophets) to collect the rent and they kill them all. The man sends his son (Jesus) and they treat him the same as the slaves. Jesus says that God will come and kill the tenants and make them pay for their crimes. The Jewish leader tries to arrest Jesus, but do not because they are scared of the crowds.

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Parable of the tenants

Explain how the costs of discipleship are shown in the parable of the tenants.

  • Disciples are ignored, mocked, insulted, rejected and have little or no success.  (Vs.3)
  • Some are beaten, tortured for their faith. (Vs.3 + 4)
  • Disciples may be put to death for delivering God’s message. (Vs. 5)
  • Jesus is put to death for delivering God’s teaching, the disciples are expected to continue Jesus’ work, and they too could be put to death for this.
  • Obedience-slaves must do what the owner demands; disciples must follow the will of God. Give up your own will and freedom.
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Parable of the tenants

Identify its relationship to Christians today:-

  • Christians today must follow the word of God and must be obedient to God’s word even if they do not want to follow it.
  • Christians may be mocked for their religious belief as newspapers and media today often mock and ridicule Christianity. Religion is seen as stupid and unpopular by the majority of the media coverage today.
  • In countries where Christianity is not as widely accepted they may suffer beatings and be tortured like the slaves where in the story. They may also have to suffer for their faith like the slaves had to suffer for their call.
  • Christians in the Middle East may risk death by preaching the Gospel, like the slaves and the son risked death by following the orders of the man to go and collect the rent.
  • The story also show that Jesus has, again, predicted his own death and rejection. However, the story also brings hope for Christians as it shows that Jesus is the cornerstone for Christianity.
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