The Law Commission.

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What is the Law Comission?

  • Established by the Law Commission Act of 1965, it is a full-time body with five Commissioners. The chairperson is a High Court Judge and the other four members are from legal professions and academic lawyers. All members of staff are legally trained. 
  • The Commission's work involves looking at reform of the law, codification and consolidation.
  • The Commission may have topics referred to it by government departments, or may select a topic of its own, which will be considered after government approval has been gained.
  • When proposing reform of an area of law, the Commission produces an initial consultative paper and then a final report, setting out recommendations and sometimes a draft Bill. Legislation that has resulted from this process includes the Law Reform Act 1996 and the Contract Act 1999.
  • The Commission also recommends the repeal of obsolute Statutes. In 2012 it recommended the repeal of nearly 800 old laws.
  • Another aim is to codify the law in certain areas, but this has not been achieved. The Draft Criminal Code was published in 1985 but has never become law. More recently the Commission…


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