Law Commission Notes


The Law Commission

The main law reform body set up in 1965 by the Law Commissions Act. It is full time and a High Court Judge is chairman and there are 4 other law commissioners. They have researchers with them and parliamentary drafts men.

The Lord Chancellor can refer topics to the commission on behalf of the government or the commission can select a topic end ask the government for approval.

The Law Commission researches the law and publishers a consultation paper. It will state:-

- The law

- The problems with the law

- And the proposals for reform

- Once they get a response to the paper they will draw up a report and there will be a bill attached to it.

Repealing Law

Statute Law Bill- the law commission prepare this for parliament to pass to repeal old laws that are still on the statute books but are no longer relevant.

By 2005, 17 bills had been enacted and more than 2000 out of date acts had been repealed.

By tidying up the law in this way it does make the law clearer and more accessible as there are not as many


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