Law commission

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What is the law commission...

  • considers the areas of law which are believed to be in need of reform
  • it was set up in 1965 by the law commission act
  • it is a full-time body
  • it consists of a chairman, high court judge & four parliamentary draftsmen (who help with the drafting of proposed bills), support staff for research

What are the 4 roles...


Consolidate - this means that the law commission has to draw up all of existing provisions for a particular area of law into 1 act; this is needed because in some areas of law there are many different statutes which each set out a small part of the overall law; this also makes the law more accessible; produces consolidation bills about 5 each year

repeal obsolete & unneccessary enactments - this means that they remove any obsolete, old, irrelevant & stupid acts; the law commission statute law (repeals) bill for…


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