Influences on Parliament; The Law Commission

Information about the Law Commission and how it influences the law making process in parliament. 

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Parliamentary Influences: The Law Commission Unit 1A
Parliament is the supreme law making body in the United Kingdom and has the
freedom to make laws in England and some parts of Wales, Scotland and
Northern Ireland. Pressure is often places on parliament to reform the law. This
pressure comes from a variety of sources one being political agenda as the
government is responsible for most laws that are passed. One major influence
on parliament is the Law Commission.
The Law Commission
The Law Commission is a permanent, independent law
reform body established by the Law Commission Act
(1965) in which its role is stated as to "keep under
review all the law" s3 (1). The Law Commission is
headed by five commissioners the chairman (the Law Commissions public face)
who is usually a high court judge and four other academic lawyers each of
whom are supported by a team of barristers, solicitors, administrative staff,
researchers and parliamentary draftsmen.
The Law Commission can influence parliament into changing laws in three ways
codification, consolidation and repeal.
Codification: bringing together all laws on a particular topic into one Act of
Consolidation: bringing all statutory provisions relating to one area together
under one act making the law more understandable and accessible.
Repeal: the removal of obsolete laws of no further use.
Process: the process often begins with research of the issue. They produce
what is known as a working paper which sets out the current law, problems
within and suggestions for reform. The law commission then consults anyone
who wished to comment on the change and finally a report is produced to
present to parliament which includes a draft bill.
Advantages of the Law Commission
+ The Law Commission is an expert nonpolitical body which conducts a
considerable amount of research into the issues it's investigating. A
result of this is that its recommendations are well informed and
trouble is prevented upon enforcement of a law.
+ The Law Commission is an independent body which ensures the whole
law is kept under review and not just those areas on the agenda of the
current government preventing political bias.
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Parliamentary Influences: The Law Commission Unit 1A
Disadvantages of the Law Commission
- The Law Commission doesn't actually have the power to implement any
of the reforms it suggests as a result around one third are not enforced
possibly because it does not suit the current governments political
- The Law Commission is not consulted by parliament on new laws it is
planning to impose.
- Research may not be thorough enough because the Law Commission
often investigates numerous areas at a time.…read more

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Parliamentary Influences: The Law Commission Unit 1A
offences and needs to be made more accessible. The Commission is therefore
suggesting the act be codified, consolidated and repealed.…read more


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