The Growth of Opposition 1881-1904

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The Growth of Opposition 1881-1904

In 1881 Tsar Alexander was assassinated; this caused the coronation of Alexander III who was a much more reactionary Tsar. His son Nicholas II eventually succeeded him in 1894 and as far as reaction was concerned, Nicholas II wished to 'rule the Romanov way'.

Liberal Demands

  • Liberals; usually members of the Intelligensia and nobility who want a better deal for the people.
  • They wanted Greater Democracy, an elected assembly, full civil rights and universal suffrage.
  • Their methods and results were formed pressure and discussion groups to ask for peaceful constitutional change.

Revolutionaries' Demands

  • The Bolsheviks and Mensheviks and other SR's come here.
  • They wanted to get rid of the Tsar and mobilise the people!
  • Their methods and results were assassinations', strikes, rioting and eventually assisted in 1905 Revolution.

Nationalists' Demands

  • Nationalists was a broad term for groups of Poles, Balkan states and other non-Russians in the Empire who want out!
  • They wanted independence from the Tsar
  • Their methods were strikes and violent action.

Aside from these major groups there were other reasons that workers and the general populace was unhappy in these periods; partially to do with the work…


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