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`How does Fitzgerald tell the story?' questions

Chapter 1

The novel takes the form of a 20th century romantic tragedy, this is revealed by contextual means. In
chapter 1 Fitzgerald highlights the tragic form of the novel as Nick says `what foul dust that floated in
the wake of his…

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retrospectively. Nick imitates what he believes to be tom's voice he says `he seemed to say `just
because I'm stronger and more of a man than you' `suggesting nick's contempt for Tom, this leads
the reader to view tom as a possible antagonist as the reader has already been invited…

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producer David Belasco who was famed for having very realistic props in his stage shows, Gatsby is
no more than a stage show who is using his house as a prop to disguise is real personality. Owl eyes is
characterised as someone who is wise as owls have connotations of…

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In chapter 4 Fitzgerald also uses the first narrative perspective of Jordan who uses diegesis to reveal
Gatsby's story to us. Jordan's less literary and less complex and more straightforward writing style
contrasts with the mimetic style of Nick's description of his lunch in New-York with Gatsby and this

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him as immoral. Also the fact that Tom is in a basement illegal drinking speakeasy which is associated
with gang members such as wolfshiem shows his corrupted personality and later characterises him
as a hypocrite in chapter 7 as he later condemns Gatsby for being a `bootlegger even though Tom…

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The story of the chapter is told from Nick's first person homodiegetic perspective. This positions the
reader alongside Nick as he witnesses the difficult and tense reunion between Gatsby and Daisy.
Fitzgerald only uses the voice and point and view of Nick to tell the story in chapter 7 however…

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more honest and less concerned with appearances. However Fitzgerald presents Nick's morality as
inconsistent. In chapter 1 Nick explains that his tolerance has a limit however in the chapter Fitzgerald
also characterises Nick as having a limit to his morality. Nick's feelings of disgust for the hedonistic
behaviour of the…

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mansions from by tom and the Sloane's. Fitzgerald uses Gatsby's memories to start and end the
chapter with an account of Gatsby's life with Dan Cody and Gatsby's first kiss with Daisy.

Chapter 6 of the novel takes the form of a twentieth century romantic tragedy. Fitzgerald's use of


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