The Expansion of the British Empire

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The Expansion of the British Empire

What countries did the British take over and why?

India - India had a lot of food such as tea, spices and coffee that Britain needed. India was also rich because of trade, and by taking over India, Britain would become rich. Britain also brought a lot of goods from India, and because of this, taking over India would mean they wouldn't have to pay for trade

Australia - Australia was used for trade in wool, wheat and mutton. Australia was also used as a criminal island for convicts.

Canada - Britain wanted Canada to drive the French out with war 

New Zealand - For trade in lamb 

West Indies, including Jamaica - We only have this because Oliver Cromwell defeated the Spanish, but we don't use it for much.

South Africa - Taken over during the Napealonic War to provide a base for the Navy. There are also huge diamonds here, as well as Sierra Leone which we took over for diamonds.

Palestine, Iraq and Namibia - We have this half of the Middle East and the French have the other half. We have this because of the First World War.

Gibraltar, Malta and the Seychelles - Seychelles added them to her Empire because she wanted to. So we have it.

Egypt - Britain…


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