The Effects of institutionalisation

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  • Early exoeruebces lead to some children spending a period of time in institutional care.
  • Children in UK are likely to be put with foster parents.
  • But, children in other parts of world are likely to be put into institutional care.
  • The civil war in Romania led to thousands of children being orphaned and many of these were raised in instititutions were the conditions were extremely poor
  • Due to the impoverished nature of the environment and the very small numbers of staff, there minimal time for interaction or play and most of these babies spent their days in cots.

Effects on Emotional Development

  • Tizard and Hodge's study points to an unusual pattern of behaviour in children raised without attachments in institutions.
  • Thus, disinhibited attachment behaviour pattern is being examined by Rutter et al (2007) in their longitudinal study of Romanian orphans adopted into UK families.
  • They are carrying an ongoing longitudinal study comparing romanian orphans who were adopted by UK families compared to UK-Born adoptees who were placed with families before they were 6 months of age.
  • The romanian adoptees entered the orphanage as small babies between 1 and 2 weeks old.
  • Conditions in the institution were poor.
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