The Demographic Transiton Model

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The Demographic Transtion Model

What is it?

The Demographic Transition Model (DTM) shos how the population of a country has changed over time. It's set out in 5 stages, showing the changes in birth rate, death rate and total population.

The Stages:

Stage 1: High fluctuating. High birth and death rate. Population is low but stable. Brazilian tribes are in this stage. (Around 1700's for the UK)

Stage 2: Early Expanding. Birth rate is high and death rate falls quite rapidly. Population increases rapidly. Countries such as Afganistan are at this stage. (Around 1760-1880 for the UK)

Stage 3: Late Exapanding. Birth rate falls quickly and death rate falls slowly. The poplation continues growing at a slower rate. Countries such as Egypt are at this stage. (Around 1880-1940 for the UK)


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