Strengths & Weaknesses of the DTM


Strengths & Weaknesses of the DTM


  • Countries like Thailand can use the information to predict future events. E.g Thailand used what the UK have done to progress quicker
  • Its a model to give a generalisation of reality
  • Can see how 'developed' a country is
  • It's easy to read and understand


  • Some countries appear to move backwards
  • It is based on how European countries progress through the model, especially the UK
  • Some countries don't fit in
  • Doesnt take into account: Migration, Epidemics, Natural Disasters, War or Policies


The DTM is a model used to generalise how a country has progressed through the four stages of the demographic transition model. It's used as a prediction model for some LEDCs like Thailand and therefore helped to inforce the 'National Family Planning Program' in 1970.


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