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Kirsty Watret12.404/10/2012

Critique of the Demographic Transition Model

Background of model

The Demographic Transition Model was created by Warren Thompson in 1929 to try and explain why
most industrialised countries shared a similar pattern of population growth. He also wanted some way
of explaining imbalances between population and resources. His…

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Kirsty Watret12.404/10/2012

expanding. It is also useful to governments as it shows which areas of the population need the most
funding as a higher death rate could be an indication of an ageing population and a high birth rate would
mean a young dependant population and therefore more money would…

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Kirsty Watret12.404/10/2012

One of the main criticisms of the Demographic Transition Model is that it does not take into account
human interference. Human interference takes into account migration, population policies, and the
work of humanitarian organisations such as UNICEF. The DTM is purely based on natural population
increase and growth…

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Kirsty Watret12.404/10/2012

Transition Model and so the model is therefore not applicable to these countries because it can't
predict what the population will do in the future.

Another main weakness of the Demographic Transition Model is its generalness. The model seems to
be a good fit for most MEDC countries…


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