The Decline and Fall of Margaret Thatcher

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·         The Decline and Fall of Margaret Thatcher


·         The great irony of Thatcher’s fall is that the problems which caused her downfall were largely of her own making. After 11 years in office she was losing her political touch and, some say, she had began to think of herself as infallible.

·          Mrs Thatcher had always had an odd relationship with her Cabinet; she was respected more than personally liked. She was not a team player and tended to be bossy.

·         Following the 1987 election victory, the worst aspects of her personality began to come to the fore and she seemed to think of herself in almost regal terms, imagining herself to be politically immortal.

·         Her Relationship with the Conservative Party.

·         She had already clashed with too many members of her cabinet and some major players had lost their jobs as a result


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