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Why were Mrs Thatcher's economic policies controversial?

Mrs Thatcher upon her election victory in 1979 brought new and radical economic policies, many of
which moulded around the anti-Keynesian views of the Austrian economist Hayek, who attacked in
`The Road to Surfdom' the role of government in the direction of the…

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money in circulation. The new ideology imposed by Thatcher led her to cut government spending,
hoping to reverse the continual deficit of PSBR. Along with the cuts, high interest rates deterred the
irresponsible from borrowing, keeping the pound strong. Monetarism was successful in reducing
inflation form 19% to 5% in…

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conditions in the north of England meant that many saw Thatcher's revolutionary policies as
controversial as they rewarded the south as they moved to a more streamlined service sector based
economy, but undermined the North due to mass industrial decline. Many say that the programme
failed to reduce public spending…




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