The Bishop's Book & The King's Book:

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The Act of Ten Articles:

Five of the articles related to doctrines and five to ceremonies.

Articles related to doctrines:

  1. That Holy Scriptures and the three Creeds are the basis and summary of a true Christian faith.
  2. That baptism conveys remission of sins and the regenerating grace of the Holy Spirit, and is absolutely necessary as well for children as adults.
  3. That penance consists of contrition, confession, and reformation, and is necessary to salvation.
  4. That the body and blood of Christ are really present in the elements of the eucharist.
  5. That justification is remission of sin and reconciliation to God by the merits of Christ; but good works are necessary.

Articles related to ceremonies:

  1. That images are useful as remembrancers, but are not objects of worship.
  2. That saints are to be honored as examples of life, and as furthering our prayers.
  3. That saints may be invoked as intercessors, and their holydays observed.
  4. That ceremonies are to be observed for the sake of their mystical signification, and as conducive to devotion.
  5. That prayers for the dead are good and useful, but the efficacy…


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