English Religious Reform 1536-43

NB You will rarely have to comment in detail on religious reform, however, you may need to refer to it in passing.

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The Ten Articles

August 1536

  • expressed reservations about Purgatory
  • affirmed only three sacraments (baptism, eucharist, penance)
  • justification by faith alone not actually stated, however the words appeared in close proximity
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The Bishops' Book

July 1537

  • emphasised role of faith
  • played down good works
  • real presence in eucharist, but sacrifice/transubstantiation not mentioned
  • placed a great deal of emphasis on the prohibition of "graven images"
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Act of 6 Articles

May 1539

  • many Catholic doctrines reaffirmed
  • sacrifice in the mass
  • all seven sacraments reinstituted
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The King's Book

April 1543

  • more conservative version of The Bishops' Book
  • technically evangelical in its beliefs, yet more conservative than previous ones had been
  • avoid Catholic invasion
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