Charles I 1630's timeline

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1630’s (in a nutshell)



·      Distraint of knighthood fines- one of Charles’ money making schemes, where he would fine anyone holding land worth £40 PA or more who had not received a knighthood at Charles’ coronation. In 5 years Charles raised £175,0000

·      Treaty of Madrid- Peace with Spain


·      Book of orders- given to Sheriffs for distribution of justice setting out their duties. Helped the poor particularly. The book was issued to ensure local government was functioning normally and to see if gentry’s terms were being fulfilled such as helping the poor and maintaining roads.


·      Wentworth is made lord deputy of London- introduced terms called ‘Thorough’. Unpopular with the native Irish for his plans to commence the plantation of Connaught. Unpopular with English colonists for strict regime.


·      Prynne’s histrio-matrix- book criticising Laudian reforms would later be mutilated as punishment for writing the book. The book was rather unknown until it came to the public’s attention when Prynne was punished.

·      Charles crowned in Scotland-First visit to Scotland since becoming King. The impression Charles had created of himself was not a good one. His absence gave scots a clear view of his priorities. His coronation also was unsuccessful in winning Charles popularity as his changes to the service such as being crowned in a cathedral and creating a new bishopric in Edinburgh made Presbyterian Scotland believe Charles was catholic. They did not like this.

·      Laud made Archbishop of Canterbury- replaces Calvinist George Abbot as Anti Calvinists begin to dominate the Church.

·      Re-issue of book of sports- James had created the book of sports to antagonise the Puritans and gave examples of things one could do on the Sabbath. Lauds reissuing followed a report of puritans in Somerset trying to force observance of the Sabbath.


·      Forest fines-Fines for hunting in Charles land without his permission Earl of Warwick took Charles to court after being charged

·      Ship money set on coastal towns and counties- Ship money normally used by the Navy so they can protect coastal cities


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