The Formation of Romantic Relationships

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Reward/Need Satisfaction Theory

Byrne and Clore

  • We are attracted to people who we find satisfying or gratifying to be with. 
  • Most stimuli in our lives can be viewed as being rewarding or punishing in some way, and we are motivated to seek rewarding stimuli and avoid punishing stimuli. 
  • The sort of things we found rewarding tend to meet our unmet needs so mutual relationships is when a person meets the other's needs. 
  • Suggest that we enter relationships because individuals are directly associated with positive feelings which makes them more attractive (operant)
  • Attracted to people we associate with positive experiences therefore positive experiences (classical)
  • Balance of positive connotation must outweigh the negative to succeed. 
  • Evidence for importance of reward - Griffit and Guay evaluated participants on creative tasks and found that they preferred the experimenter who had positively evaluated the


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