Formation of romantic relationships

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Describe and evaluate two or more theories of the formation of romantic relationships

  • One theory that aims to explain the formation of romantic relationships is the filter model using a linear process. The model suggests that individuals have a field of available. These are single people we could possibly form a romantic relationship with. 
  • The first stage considers the similarity of social/demographic variables which determines who we are most likely to meet and who will be easy to communicate with. The second stage is similarity of attitudes and values which considers psychological characteristics which requires each other to agree on fundamental basic values. This has been identified as the best predictor of whether the relationship becomes stable. The final stage which applies to long term couples, considers complementarity of emotional needs where behaviours exhibited complement each others needs. After these three stages a field of desirables is finally reached, where those best suited and could possibly be a potential partner for a future romantic relationship are identified.
  • AO2/AO3  There is evidence by Kerckoft & Davis supporting the filter model. Kerckhoff & Davis conducted a longitudinal study over seven months using student couples, who were given several questionnaires. It was found that up until 18 months couples felt attitude similarity was the most important into the formation of a romantic relationship, whilst after 18 months psychological compatibility was found to be the most important into the formation of a romantic relationship. With the findings showing that there are different factors being of most importance at different stages of the relationship, the findings support the theory's factor that the formation of romantic relationship is conducted in stages and thus increase the internal validity of the theory.
  •  However the supporting empirical evidence by Kerckhoff & Davis can be criticised for containing a methodological flaw, of being prone to sample as all participants were students. This means that the findings cannot be applied to the formation




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