Territory Mapping


Territory Mapping

  • The most accurate method for estimating the abundances of terrestrial breeding birds and evaluating their use of habitats.
  • Adapted by some ecological monitoring programs
    • E.g. Common Bird Census


  • Relatively easy to do
  • Comparable methods
  • Little impact on individuals


  • Weather/time dependent
  • Not all males may be singing on visit
  • Territories may be fluid


  • What is a territory?
    • An area that is defended (by an individual or group)
  • How is it defined?
    • Keep out signals
  • Do all species have territories?
    • Year-round
    • Breeding-season only
    • Not at all

Bird Territories

  • How are these advertised?
    • Song birds
    • Non song birds
  • Where to advertise?
    • Somewhere that song will carry
    • Potential predation risk

Song lures

  • If you want tot establish the edge


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