Improving Students’ Learning with Effective Learning Techniques


Different people learn in different ways. Each individual student has different needs when it comes to learning and sadly the educational system isn’t always able to keep up with their individualities. The one thing that can be changed though is the type of learning techniques a teacher uses in order to help them learn and grow.

Learning techniques aim to help the students that do well, perform even better and those who struggle to keep up with everyone else, find a way to improve the quality of their studying. Here are some effective learning techniques one can implement in their own classroom and teach their students.

1.Incorporating audiovisual content

Most students will be able to benefit from incorporating audiovisual content to their studying routine. While many teachers might think they won’t be able to find enough materials online for different subjects, the truth is that they will be able to find almost everything and share it with their students easily.

One of the best places you can find free, online and accurate content is Khan Academy, an online platform for learning which is created by professionals of all fields and aims to improve knowledge sharing. You can find any subject from math by grade to science and economics. 

On top of Khan Academy, there are also plenty of YouTube videos, infographics and also apps online which your students can use as studying material and better memorize certain pieces of information. As the professor in charge, it will be up to you to review the material you provide them with so that it is accurate and appropriate.

Another thing that might help your students excel at memorizing important information is Mind Maps. These essentially present an organized way to collect information on a particular study topic and can help a lot with keeping notes and a clear image of what is included in a certain subject in the form of a “map”. 

Mind Maps are used by many people in many professions, and other professional writers’ platforms support this technique even for an assignment and creative writing as it helps the person keep their ideas in one place and continue to incorporate new elements into their map which will make perfect sense in anything they create.

2.Self-explaining and elaborating ideas

Most pieces of information within a subject are connected. For example in history, each date represents a different date and the student should be able to put together their chronological order after a few classes. This is a problem that can be solved with elaboration.

The point of this technique is to not make the student put…




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Maia Moen


I think that improving students' learning with effective learning techniques is very important because it helps them to learn more and understand what they are learning. A detailed essay on effective learning techniques has been shared at source. For example, if you want your students to learn more about history then you can use visual aids (graphs and diagrams) because they help students to understand better what they are learning.