Surgery Through Time

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Surgery Through Time


  • Trephining - removing a segment of skull.
  • Carried out to let out evil spirits
  • We know some people survived, because there is evidence of bone regrowth on some skeletons.


  • Good at practical first aid
  • Some surgical instruments - only surface surgery
  • Some evidence of cautery - burning closed wounds
  • No anaesthetics, only herbal antiseptics like willow, so high levels of infection.


  • Good at practical first aid - lots of wars
  • Also learned about setting broken and dislocating bones
  • Did dissections, but didn't perform surgery in the body
  • No anaesthetics, only herbal antiseptics - high risk of infection.


  • Good at practical first aid - battles and gladiators
  • Good at surface surgery - removing tumours near skin
  • New surgical and midwifery instruments
  • Developed Caesarian section - although mother ALWAYS died.
  • No evidence of successful internal surgery - no anaesthetics, only herbal antiseptics.



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