20th century developments in surgery

some of the main developments in surgery in the 20th century and the factors that helped them

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x rays

  • discovered by William Roentgen in 1895
  • travel through flesh not bone
  • allowed images to be taken of broken bones leading to more accurate diagnosis and treatment


  • science and technology- discovery of x rays and the development of x ray machines
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  • Marie Curie developed work on x rays- used to treat cancer


  • science and technology- Curie discovered the use of x rays in radiography
  • Individuals- Roentgen's work on x rays
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Plastic surgery

  • allowed injuries caused by bullets and burns to be treated
  • used a lot in the first world war


  • war- provided the need for plastic surgery as soldiers were suffering terrible injuries from bullets and burns and allowed fro surgery techniques to be improved
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keyhole surgery

  • developed in 1980's
  • less invasive
  • smaller scars and shorter recovery time
  • used for both major and minor operations
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  • used to replace faulty organs in the body such as lungs, kidneys and hearts


  • parts can be rejected
  • body has to supplyed with blood and oxygen during the operation
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