super powers - the Usa 1945-1970

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 part 1 : How did the cold war develope 1943 -1956

Grand alliance 1941

  • set up by usa britian and soviet union to defeat hitler and the nazi. it was alliance of convinvince between 3 superpowers who had little in common.

Tehran confrence  November 1943- rooservelt , churchill and stalin

  • agreed that soviet union would have a sphere of influence in eastern europe 
  • united nations to be set up after ww2
  • disagreement on how to treat germany

yalta confrernce febuary 1945 - rooservelt churchill and stalin

  • Divide germany/berlin into 4 zones controlled by britian usa france and soiet union
  • stalin allows free elections in eastern europe
  • relations good because rooservelt and stalin got on

potsdam confernce june 1945 - truman stalin attlee

  • divide germany/berlin into 4 zones controlled by britian france usa and soviet union
  • nazi party dissolved and


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